Painting After Removing A Wallpaper- Rely On Professional Painters

A colorful and printed wallpaper can make your room beautiful. But, you may feel bored with the wallpaper and like to add vibrant paint. While renovating your house, you can think of painting a wall. However, removing the wallpaper involves a challenging process. Professional painters know how to remove the wallpaper and paint the wall surface. At Woodiwiss painting, the dedicated team goes through some steps for painting after removing wallpaper.

  • Make the wall free from glue

Wallpaper leaves some glue on the surface when it is removed. Wear gloves and use trisodium phosphate to cleanse the walls. However, a solution of water and vinegar is also effective for eliminating stains. Rinse the wall surface with warm water and let it dry.

  • Ensure that the surface is smooth

Wallpaper adhesives make your wall surface rough. Proper sanding can solve this problem and make the surface ready for painting. Sandpapers are the best choice for making the wall smooth.

  • Add primer to the wall

After removing the glue and preparing the surface, professional painters apply a coat of primer. They use a quality primer to soften the adhesive. They are highly careful while lifting the paper and pulling up the paint.

  • Patch the damaged parts of the walls

Minor damage is unavoidable at the time of removing the wallpaper. Some professionals use a putty knife to fill in gouges and dings. Coating over the remaining backing paper is not an issue. It prevents the paper’s edges from getting revealed. Painters apply the primer to the repaired parts.

  • Apply the paint

DIY painting may not give you the best result. That is why you can look for professional and trained painters for your house. 

You will find a flawless painting by hiring the painters