Key Reasons To Buy A New Softside Waterbed Mattress

Choosing the right waterbed mattress can be an overwhelming task. Today, the market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to Softside Waterbeds. A potential buyer must understand that mattresses aren’t cheap. Therefore, one must get the best out of his/her investment. It is vital to choose the right softside waterbed right on time. Buying a new softside mattress significantly depends on why one needs a new mattress. The article highlights some of the key reasons for investing in a softside waterbed mattress.

Old mattress

The lifespan of a mattress depends on multiple factors like material used, wear and tear, sleeping habits, and has been used for many years, and several other reasons. When a mattress has been utilized regularly for a prolonged period, shows signs of damage. Furthermore, when the mattress is made of latex, it is expected to have longer durability. Irrespective of all the factors, when a mattress has been used for more than ten years, it is time to switch to a new mattress, and softside mattress seems a good option.

Body aches and discomfort

When one wakes up with body aches and pains every morning is the biggest indication that it is time to change the mattress. One must focus on the area that hurt the most, whether it is lower back, neck, or shoulder. Investing in a mattress that supports sensitive areas is an excellent way to start taking care of one’s health. There are different types of mattresses available in the market that claims to render relief from body pains. Softside Waterbeds have a big reputation for offering therapeutic benefits. This is more so because softside waterbed mattresses can align to the contours of one’s body rendering the maximum support. Hence, sleeping on such mattresses can alleviate body pain.

Sagging mattress

When a mattress has been used for a prolonged period, it is bound to lose its structural integrity and thereby sag from different pressure points. In the majority of cases, the sagging points are found in the middle of the mattress. When one sleeps on a sagging mattress or spends considerable time on a bed, it results in lower back pain and discomfort. An uncomfortable bed is known to disturb the quality of sleep, thereby disrupting the entire health and well-being of the user.

Change in body structure

One’s body undergoes a lot of changes gradually with time. One can suffer from some ailment, and gain weight over time. This can make a mattress inefficient and often useless. When an individual gains weight, it starts adding pressure on the mattress. When uneven pressure is created, there are points on the mattress that starts sagging. This results in disturbed sleep, which is a serious issue, especially for those who sleep on their back. Softside waterbed mattresses are known to provide a uniform distribution of weight, and result in quality sleep.


When one shop waterbed mattresses, he/she will come across hardside and softside waterbeds. Softside Waterbeds are considered a better option than conventional hardside waterbeds, primarily because of the former’s longer durability. Buying a softside waterbed incurs multiple benefits on health, and maintenance is also easier.