Issues That Typically Lead to Clogged Plumbing

A blocked drain is one of the most bothersome plumbing issues. As you try to figure out what’s going on, the water in your sink rises. Though certain obstructions, such as poor plumbing, are beyond your control, there are numerous other common blunders that people make. Remember the following if you notice water starting to pool in your sink or toilet. Swell Plumbing, for example, can provide the most thorough help in Salem. The only problem will be a blockage in your drain.

Should Grease Go Down Drains?

Have you ever had leftover bacon grease from making breakfast? What else can you do but dump it down the kitchen sink? Because cooking oil is a liquid, it appears to be easy to pour down the drain, but it can actually produce a clog. Clogs form as a result of grease solidifying and gathering food scraps and other trash. Grease also obstructs water movement via pipes, resulting in clogs and sluggish drains. To avoid these issues, collect old cooking oil in a bag and dispose of it.

Swell Plumbing in Salem, OR, will properly clean the pipe after removing the blockage because grease can leave significant odors in your drains. Pouring baking soda down your drains while the water source is turned on will also keep them clean.

Stuck Hair Clumps

You could believe that when you comb your hair, it all gets caught in the brush. However, much of it ends up in the sink. This also applies to shaving in front of a mirror. To avoid clogging your pipes, collect hair with a damp paper towel and trash it instead of flushing it down the drain. Do you really want to have to detangle wet hair later?

When showering, use a shower strainer to avoid this problem. While it will not absorb minuscule hairs, it will prevent larger follicles or masses from passing through your pipes. These items may assist you in avoiding blockages caused by soap scum, which will also be described in this article.

Problems With Garbage Disposal

Waste management is a valuable resource. They have the authority to crush up any leftover food on our plates. These objects shouldn’t clog because they’ve been disassembled, right? This must be corrected. Garbage disposals may break down microscopic food particles like eggshells. Some people, on the other hand, discard more challenging garbage, such as fruit pits or carcass bones. Running your disposal while it is in the drain risks not just clogging but also ruining it.

Scum Accumulation

Using the incorrect type of soap may cause your pipes to clog. Although soap is meant to clean, it often leaves a sticky film that gathers and causes blockages over time. To avoid this problem, use liquid soap rather than bar soap, and rinse away any soap scum after washing.

The Most Effective Cleaning Methods

In rare situations, you may be able to clear a drain on your own. You may empty them using a plunger or non-abrasive cleaners from the store. Chemicals should be avoided since they can cause pipe corrosion, which can lead to further leaks. Hiring a plumber in addition to your own labor is a great alternative.

Swell Plumbing provides the most cutting-edge solutions to Salem residents. Regardless of the extent of the obstacle, they are diligent in their work. Even if the problem is deep inside the pipes, they will use cutting-edge technology to restore both the real and figurative flow of your home.

While a snake can be used to clear certain clogs, hydrojetting, which uses highly pressurized water to break apart hard or deep obstacles, may be more effective for others. It can even eliminate troublesome tree root development! They work so quickly to detect and address your problems that your normal routine will not be disrupted.

Being attentive to plumbing maintenance will help you prevent costly problems in the future. Your techniques, however, will not always be adequate. Don’t be alarmed if these events occur. Swell Plumbing is reachable by phone.