As an alternative to customary curtain headings such as pencil pleats, pinch pleats, or goblets, the wave curtain heading system deals with a more modern, neat, and stylish curtain appearance.  The finished appearance is comparable to that of eyelet curtains but the fabric suspends directly below a wave curtain track in a neat and unvarying style.  Wave curtains lend themselves charmingly to wide windows or doors, and are most popular across bi-fold or sliding doors and large expanses of glass. Wave Curtains is an elegant way to dress your window.

The ‘wave’ significance is created by merging a specially designed wave heading tape that is used to make up the curtains and a wave glider cord that is provided with the wave track to provide a soft and simple continuous wave effect.  When opened the curtains hoard back neatly and straight and when closed the fabric hangs in a smooth nonstop wave effect.

Reasons to study a wave curtain:

Throughout the drop the wave curtains  maintain a structured form, giving a neat and stylish look to your curtains.

They are Minimal and contemporary in appearance and ideal for bi-fold and sliding doors, and modern extensions with large expanses of glass.

When the curtains are open reduced curtain stack depth, maximizing the light coming into your room.

Versatile – a single-wave curtain is a popular choice drained to one side.  We can also supply numerous curtains on one track permitting flexibility in shading or privacy options.

Boarding upon a building or home extension project?

The material folds into the wave shape in front and behind the track so any recesses that are built must be positioned to ensure the fold on the curtains doesn’t clean the walls.

Wave curtains can be suspended on a recessed track, which is great to build that ‘hotel chic’ floor-to-ceiling curtain look at home!

Fabric suitability:

Plain fabric and fabrics with delicate patterns are popular choices for wave curtains as they match the modern, simple look of the wave heading style.  However, that isn’t to say you can’t have a design

Sheers or voile is also popular to offer privacy without blocking out the light. Semi-sheers offer increased privacy to a sheer or voile fabric yet still deliver a light, airy feel.  Layering is also a widespread option with a wave voile on the back track and a normal lined or blackout lined wave curtain on the front track.

Advantages of using Wave Curtains

  • Installation of the wave curtain is very stress-free with the sliders and hooks.
  • Using a frivolous material can provide great light illumination in the interior. And the same wave curtain can be furnished with thick or dark-colored shades to make the area a little bit darker.
  • All the other parts other than the material will stay in the slider so cleaning and care are very easy with a wave curtain.
  • There are no complex pleats and stitching on the fabrics of a wave curtain so it is very easy to construct. Besides, this makes the whole system cheaper than any other curtain style that wants extra tools and clean stitching for a clean look.