How to spruce up your driveway this winter

Want to spruce up your driveway or patio garden this winter? Then we have some top tips for you! It’s too easy to neglect our gardens and driveways in the winter and forget they need regular maintenance. But don’t worry, from advice on general garden maintenance to sealing your patio with a good wet look paver sealer, we have you covered.

Tackle those big jobs before winter

We appreciate that the winter weather makes it a lot hard to complete bigger jobs around your driveway and garden areas. You could be battling against gale-force winds and dangerous icy conditions, so we advise tackling large-scale jobs before the winter hits. Here are a few handy jobs you can complete before the winter months set in:

Clearing gutters and drains – During autumn and winter, falling leaves and debris can block outdoor guttering and drains. Giving these a good clear out before the harsh weather sets in will help prevent leaks and water from running into your plasterwork. It may even be worth investing in some drain protectors to keep your drains free of debris over winter and reduce how often these ‘clear outs’ need to take place.

Prune trees and clear the garden – No-one wants to be climbing ladders and pruning tall trees or bushes during the winter months. Give yourself a head-start now by pruning any bushes and foliage outside of your property. Not only is this practical but will also help you to create a clean and tidy outdoor aesthetic. This is also the time to remove any weeds and organise your vegetable beds. Certain vegetable plants, such as cucumbers and courgettes, will not survive the winter months. We recommend pulling them up and throwing them in the compost. But don’t worry,  other vegetables such as carrots and onions should do just fine!

Pressure wash paved areas – If moss and grime has built up on your patio, you can pressure wash the area in just a few minutes. This will create a safe and non-slippery walkway leading up to your home, preventing anyone from falling once the weather worsens.

Once these bigger jobs are under control, you can turn your attention to some of the cosmetic updates that will keep your driveway and patio areas looking immaculate.

Repaint old fences with weatherproof paint

If the fences surrounding your property are looking dull and tired, now is the time to re-paint them or give them another coat of protective creosote. You can purchase paint or stain in various colours so why not use this opportunity to switch up your style and create an on-trend look for winter 2022? Adding some wooden planters and painting these in a similar (or contrasting) colour could give the perfect finishing touch to your winter decor.

Keep up with general outdoor maintenance tasks

Raking leaves, washing down outdoor furniture, and generally keeping your garden clean and tidy will help to ensure that bigger jobs don’t pile up. Tackling a small job each weekend could mean that you have little, or nothing to do throughout the winter months.