How to Make Your Kitchen Space Look Bigger

Your kitchen is supposed to be an area of comfort and convenience where you can cook your family’s favorite meals and satisfy your love for cooking. Small and crowded kitchen space has less space for people to move around and store items in. However, not all homeowners have enough space to design a huge and luxurious kitchen. Thankfully, Rénovation de cuisine RêveCuisine can make your kitchen less crowded using their tried and tested methods. 

Design professionals will ensure your kitchen is designed in a way that reflects your style and preference as well as provides it with a spacious finish. They can use some colours, cabinets, and shapes to free up the space. So, if you have enough of your crowded kitchen, here are some tips from the pros to make it look bigger:

Add Lighter Colours and Tones

 In general, colours, contents, and lights decide how spacious your kitchen can look. If it is not an option for you to get rid of utensils and appliances, you can just add lighter colours on your walls. If installing new lighting or changing your cabinets is not possible, consider repainting the walls in a light colour.

Lighter tones can give an airy effect in the kitchen, making it more open. You do not limit your option to white colour. Instead, you can experiment with lighter colours such as pale yellow, creamy peach shades, or light grey.

Welcome the Natural Light into the Space

To create space in your kitchen without letting go of some appliances or cookware, you can throw up the shades. This is possible by putting light curtains on your clear windows to allow sunlight to accentuate your kitchen space. As clear windows and panels reflect the walls outside, they can make the space look bigger. 

Throwing the windows open can make it feel like your kitchen’s extension and make the space look airier and open. Additionally, larger windows and reflective lights make the space look glossier and larger.

Invest in Glass Cabinet Doors

Instead of solid cabinet doors, you can invest in clear glass to make your kitchen look bigger and deeper. A solid cabinet door will block your view while its glass counterpart will your draw gaze into your kitchen cabinets, creating an illusion of more space. But if you do not want to display your cabinets’ contents, just consider using mirrors and opaque glass as replacements for solid cabinets.