How To Immaculately Pack a House

Moving may sound exciting until you come to the reality of arranging and packing everything. A lot of things are involved when moving. You have to organize your utilities, hire a moving firm, clean the house and pack your items. However, this does not have to be a stressful operation. Drop-a-Box Moving will help you pack and load your belongings. However, before they arrive, try packing on your own. We will give you several packing tips to help you pack your house quickly and perfectly.

  • Gather Packing Supplies

The first step to a perfect move is gathering packing materials. Before heading out to the nearest store, find out what may come in handy in your house. Knowing the packing materials will depend on the items you are packing. Get varieties of moving boxes and make sure they are strong enough. Purchasing packing materials is a necessary step when moving. So, apart from the boxes, get others like bubble wrap, tape, a marker, old newspapers, and plastic bags.

  • Start Packing in Advance

Start gathering supplies months before moving if you have enough time. The time you take to pack will depend on the number and type of items. Therefore, start packing early, going from the least used rooms to the frequently used ones. There is no exact time when you will finish but starting early gives you enough time to pack well.

  • Declutter

Moving gives you a chance to declutter. It can be a good idea to have a yard sale for the items you do not need. You can also donate other items or sell them on online sites. You may also ask your friends if they need anything you are about to sell. They will appreciate it after helping you to pack.

  • Pack a Room at a Time

The best way to finish packing on time and minimize stress is to pack one room at a time. This way, you can label the boxes well, and it will be easy for the mover to know which box goes where.

  • Observe Weight

When packing, we recommend watching the weight of the box. Packing too heavy items in one box might weaken the box such that it will not be able to hold the eight. Pack light items in large boxes and heavy items in small boxes unless the size is a factor. This will save you from the nightmare of dropping the box on your feet or breaking fragile items.

  • Label the Boxes Carefully

This is a golden rule of moving you must never forget. Whenever you seal a box, please write the name of the items inside and the room where they belong. Write the name on the side to make it easy to recognize the boxes when stacked together. You can also use different colors to label and ask the kids to help you. This is one way of assisting them in coping with the stress of moving.

Ready to Pack?

Packing is a less-daunting task as long as you do it the right way. These tips will help you pack your house perfectly with minimal stress. Get enough packing supplies and do it months before the moving day. You can also do it systematically, and do not forget to have a box of essentials.