How to Get Rid of Allergens at Home

Minimalist student bedroom in white with metal bed frame

Dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens can be very disruptive and make you uncomfortable in your own house. Even if you may be powerless in controlling how these allergens get into your environment, you have all the power to control how they affect you and how long they stay. There are things you can do to your house to keep it allergen-free and more inviting for people with allergies. This article will discuss several ways of saying goodbye to allergens in the house. Check them out.

  • Clean the Carpets

Carpets hold a lot of dust and allergens. It is therefore important to clean them regularly to remove the dust. A good way of ensuring your carpets are always clean from pet hair, and dust is by hiring green carpet cleaning Los Angeles. Professional carpet cleaners can greatly help you get rid of the dust on the carpets.

  • Clean your Upholstery

Just like your carpets, fabric upholstery also holds a lot of dust and other allergens. It can be a good idea to switch them with faux or leather materials to ensure you can easily wipe off dust and pollen. You may also choose loose covers for the seats to reduce the impact of allergies.

  • Choose the Right Indoor Plants

The types of plants you keep in the house may also be another source of allergens. Many of these plants have pollen that affects people who suffer from allergies. Additionally, they also promote the growth of mold and collect a lot of dust, which is another source of allergies. Even if indoor plants are great, it is essential to know the right ones if you have allergies. It will help you to avoid bringing a problem right into your house.

  • Keep the AC On

Your AC helps to keep the air cool during hot days. Additionally, it also plays an essential role in getting rid of pollen and dust. Try as much as you can to keep these allergens outside. However, if they find their way inside, the AC can help to keep good quality of air.

  • Wash your Beddings and Mattress

It is also crucial to ensure your bedroom is dust-free by dusting it often. Some carpet cleaning companies also clean mattresses, which is also a haven for dust and pollen. So, use mattress covers that you can remove regularly and ensure the bed frame is also thoroughly cleaned.

  • Limit the Amount of Allergens You Take to the House

Your actions may also be a reason why you have allergens in the house. Keeping the windows open all the time gives the pollen an opportunity to seep into the house. So, try to keep the windows closed and your air conditioner running for some time. Take off your shoes before you enter the house and have a mat at the entrance where you can wipe off your feet. It is also important to get rid of excess moisture in the house to discourage the growth of molds.

Contact Green Carpet Cleaners

These are simple things you should observe to keep your house free from allergens. You need an inviting and comfortable house for you and other people living in it. So, apart from the things you can do, consider hiring professionals for a thorough cleaning.