How to Choose an LED Bathroom Mirror  

After waking up and before bed, the bath serves as our breathing room. Thus, this place is of significant value to every household member. Because it is one of the essential rooms in any home, homeowners spend a substantial deal in maintaining its beauty and function. Bathroom makeovers have been typical for the past years, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic happened in 2020, to ensure safety and hygiene.


Fast forward to 2022, as the world returns to its new routine, bathroom makeovers focus on making the room cozier and retaining function. A significant increase in bathroom projects is about vanity mirror with lights. If you are one homeowner thinking about making the same bath improvement, let us suggest using an LED vanity mirror. To guide you in choosing which LED mirror is best for your bathroom remodelling project, here are some factors to take note of:


Mirror Size and Shape

Never allow a mirror to be too big or too small for your bathroom wall. Ensure to measure the area where you want it placed to get the right size. Also, consider the shape in the measurement to create an overall effect as a focal point in the bath.


Mirror Material

Because bathroom mirrors are considered investments, choosing ones of high quality is vital. You’ll be sure that mirrors of this kind will last you years and still look beautiful and functional. Smart mirrors are now made to be anti-fog, so you don’t have to wipe them now and then.

Functionality and Purpose

How frequently does one use the bathroom? How much light is necessary during the morning and the evening? Function and reason are still crucial in choosing a bathroom LED mirror. This is to ensure that seeing one’s reflection won’t be challenging.


For more information on choosing the right LED bath mirror, check out this infographic by Remer.