How Often Do Accidents Occur In The Construction Industry


If you are not familiar with the inner workings of the construction industry, you might think accidents occur very often on construction sites. The truth is that the experts in this industry have effective safety measures in place to minimize accidents to the barest minimum. It follows that when accidents do occur, this is usually the exception and not the rule. In any case, construction workers have many insurance policies in place to ensure that they get adequate compensation when accidents happen. Below are some scenarios that may lead to construction accidents.

Operator Error

In construction sites, operators handle heavy equipment and complicated machines. Some of these things include bulldozers, forklifts, cranes and compactors. Usually, the operators of these machines and vehicles are trained to handle these things in a safe and competent manner. However, there are times a momentary lapse in concentration can lead to a serious accident. When construction accidents occur as a result of operator error, the person in questions will definitely get sanctioned. However, the construction company is ultimately responsible and this is why the company can be sued if they do not pay compensation.

Malfunctioning Machines

Machines used in the construction industry are supposed to be in first class shape all the time. As long as these machines are properly maintained, they should function effectively. However, an accident can still occur without warning. Anytime this happens, the construction company in question might get into serious trouble. This usually happens if the accident victims can prove a case of criminal negligence against the company. Maybe a scheduled maintenance or even repair was not done and this caused an accident. In this case, if the matter gets to court, the judge will award both punitive and exemplary damages against the construction company.

An Act of Nature

Sometimes, a construction accident may not be the fault of a human operator or even mechanical or electrical failure. The culprit might be an act of nature. For instance, many construction companies use dynamite and other explosives for road construction. Usually, these explosives are stored in the right places under safe conditions. However, an act of nature like a wild fire or lightning can cause these explosives to explode. When this happens, the construction company might be held accountable. However, it all depends on whether the misfortune is an insurable risk or not. In any case, if the construction company is not at fault, the presiding judge might take a lenient view.


Sometimes, a construction accident might be a direct result of sabotage a disgruntled employee or eve a business rival. This is a terrible thing to do because it might lead to death or serous injury. If the culprit is apprehended, he or she will face both criminal and civil litigation.

Final Word

Construction accidents are not as common as most people think they are. However, it has to be pointed out that these accidents can still happen in spite of the best efforts of the company to ensure they don’t happen.

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