How Many Types Of Hardwood Flooring Are There?

Hardwood floors are a popular choice among homeowners around the world and for good reasons. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and suited to most rooms. However, there are various types of hardwood flooring, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You must choose the one that suits your requirements the most. 

Factors like foot traffic, climate, and your personal taste can affect your choice. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to choose from, and you are bound to find something of your liking. If you want to shop, you may start by looking at plancher de bois at Decor Chantilly

Types of hardwood flooring 

  • Solid hardwood flooring. 

Solid hardwood flooring has little involvement from humans. These are unfinished or prefinished pieces of wood that come in a wide range of options. They are the most durable options for rooms that experience high traffic. 

However, it is noteworthy that solid hardwood reacts to fluctuations in humidity, meaning that it contracts and expands depending on the moisture level. For example, you may find wood expanding during the monsoon season. 

  • Composite wooden flooring. 

Composite wooden flooring, also known as engineered wooden flooring, is a highly durable and moisture-resistant type of flooring. The wood here is real, but it goes through a manufacturing process in the factory. 

Here, pieces of wood are glued together using heat, glue, and pressure. A protective layer is applied on top to make it resistant to damage. It is a cheap and good alternative to solid hardwood. 

  • Bamboo flooring. 

Bamboo flooring may sound like several pieces of bamboo being glued together, but the reality is far different. Instead, compressed pieces of bamboo are put together to give the flooring a wood-like appearance. However, it is not real wood since bamboo is a type of grass. 

Even so, bamboo flooring is harder than most hardwood floors and is comparatively cheaper. Moreover, the plant grows pretty quickly, so it is an eco-friendly choice and can be your first step towards saving the earth. 

  • Cork flooring. 

Cork flooring is yet another eco-friendly choice for people who are thinking of going green. The outer bark of cork oak trees is harvested to create floorings. These are aesthetically beautiful as well as comfortable and soft to walk on. This type of flooring also feels warm under your foot, so it is a good option for cold climates. One of the best things about cork flooring is that they do not require much maintenance and are durable. 

  • Parquet flooring. 

Parquet flooring is made by combining solid and engineered hardwood. You can customize your flooring using this option and create various patterns like a basket weave, herringbone, and others.