Guardian van lines and interstate movers are the best and safest moving and storage companies because they have a professional moving specialist who knows how to get your precious belongings safe and secure from your old home to your new home. Guardian van lines have decades of professional experience with Long Distance Moving to interstates and provide excellent service to the customers by Full-service packaging, bespoke crating or fragile-only packing for big or very delicate products, and do-it-yourself packing where we merely offer the packing materials are all options. They move interstate and cross country and they provide service for military families, veterans, corporations & businesses that require professional relocation.

Pros and cons

+ guardian van lines provide long-distance relocating

+ the assist families, businesses, and cooperation

+ provide storage for your belongings till you settle in the new place.

– Guardian Van Lines Moving is not a motor carrier and will not carry an individual shipper’s household goods

– extra chargers for heavy items

tips for selecting the qualified movers

  • interstate movers should carry proper insurance so ask for up-to-date verified and valid insurance certificates
  • Before carrying home products across states, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration needs long-distance carriers to be registered. Inquire about the mover’s “MC” number.
  • try reading online reviews about the movers to know more about them.
  • enquire about the prices and quotes in person because by phone they might not be true and you can give more information in person.
  • be aware of scammers so make sure it is a trusted moving company and make sure you go with experienced movers as you have to move too far places.
  • from the phone center to the packers and drivers, interstate moving businesses should conduct themselves professionally. Vehicles should show the employer’s name and contact information, and uniforms should identify the crew as a part of the company you hired.

Steps to help you have a successful movers

Downsize make a checklist of your belongings and take a picture of them because just in case these can help with insurance compensation.

Long-distance movers are required by law to ensure your valuables, but extra coverage might provide you with peace of mind. Inquire about plans with your insurance agent or moving company.

Verify details of the address to the new place, contact number, driver numbers, and tracking details.

Always plan to be at peace and take your most valuable things with you.


Several aspects go into estimating moving expenses, like the number of things being moved, location, loading or unloading, important and unique items, moving date, and so on, so filling out the Instaquote form is your best choice for getting an accurate estimate.


Guardian van lines is an experience in interstate and long-distance relocating.

This company offers only professional customer service and skilled movers to customers and has a lot of regular customers.