With these few tips, we will try to solve the dilemma that most often arises when we make the decision to renovate a house or when moving to a new space.

Custom furniture vs Store bought furniture

1. Custom furniture fits your space perfectly

Unlike store-bought furniture, which is often not suitable for your home, namjestaj po mjeri is precisely designed and made just for you. This is most noticeable in small rooms where everything has to fit perfectly in order for the space to be fully functional (e.g niches). There are certain spaces in the apartment that are “tricky” regarding size and shape, so the only solution is to design furniture that will fit perfectly.

2. Greater choice of materials and designs

Although there are really many manufacturers of finished furniture on our market today, in most cases you cannot expect top quality. Almost everyone uses cheap and price-competitive components. In case you decide to go with our custom-made furniture Mira-Mar, you will you will be given a choice of proven quality materials, from well-known, reputable manufacturers certificated for of wear resistance standards. Our selection of materials is really large, so you can order furniture from laminated particleboard, MDF, solid wood or glass-filled aluminum frames.

3. Furniture with a personal touch

Personalized design, unique own style, common motifs of creative people with unique style who want to be different. If you decide on custom furniture, you will have the opportunity to express yourself and shape your personal style.

4. Savings

No matter how much custom-made furniture will cost in the end, you can be sure that you will have to spend more money for the same quality if you choose similar store-bought furniture. A large selection of wood materials, fittings, handles and other elements gives you the opportunity to stay within your budget, while remaining consistent with your style.

5. Expert advice

Our designer and staff will be at your service not only when choosing materials but also for design advice. We will respect your wishes and support them with expert advice. We will help you use every spot of your home in the most efficient and practical way, with a tendency to deviate as little as possible from your personal style and with as few compromises as possible.