Embrace Open Plan With Sliding Doors

Why consider internal sliding doors?

If you’re looking to make your own home functional and enjoy an open plan space that is adaptable to your needs, sliding doors are a great choice for achieving that. Open plan has long been popular as it makes a home feel open, warm, and welcoming as well as bigger but sliding doors provide the perfect opportunity to customise these spaces as and when you need to.

Sliding doors make an ideal option as they don’t take up or need floor space to open, as they open sideways instead of outwards, helping to create more space and a cleaner look for your home. Sliding doors can work in both modern and traditional homes, blending in seamlessly.

How to integrate sliding doors into your home 

Sliding doors in London homes can be easily integrated into all areas of the home and are an ideal way to help your home look sleek and stylish. When used internally, there are plenty of ways you can make use of them.

Divide your kitchen/diner/living room – many homes may have a kitchen that opens out into a living room or dining area – using sliding doors to divide these areas means you can enjoy a functional open space day to day but might want the option to close the sliding doors when cooking or entertaining. Perhaps one of you is cooking whilst another is watching TV – sliding doors are ideal for helping to control noise between the rooms.

Perhaps you have created an office space within your living area or home and want the option to have privacy and peace when you need it – a sliding door is an ideal way of delivering the best of both worlds in your office space – so that it doesn’t feel isolated but provides the functionality you need.

Sliding doors London

Sliding doors are an ideal choice in London homes where space can sometimes be limited, they provide the option of room divides without losing floor space. In the city, where space and quiet are truly appreciated, they offer the ideal solution for helping to create pockets of peace.

They can also be ideal for office spaces too if you are looking to create an agile working environment with quiet pods and meeting areas. An open plan co-working space, with hot desks and workspaces, is becoming increasingly popular in workplaces as businesses re-evaluate how their staff work best and provide an environment that encourages productivity.

Sliding doors don’t have to be reserved for patio doors, they are becoming increasingly popular indoors and are a great way of adding style and functionality to an environment.