Does the Body Feel Pain During Cremation?

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Does the body feel pain during cremation? This question is asked often by family members, friends, and mourners alike. The answer to this question given by Chestnut Funeral Homes Ocala depends on the circumstances of the person’s death. Some families decide to cremate the body directly without the traditional funeral service and viewing. In that case, the body will remain dressed in the clothes it wore during the viewing and funeral service. However, if the person is dead, he or she will not feel pain during the cremation process. Furthermore, because the body has no nerve impulses, there is no way that the body would feel pain during the cremation process.

While a body may not experience pain during the cremation process, it does experience a certain amount of discomfort. For example, the body of a newborn will produce three to nine pounds of ash, which will vary depending on the bone structure of the body and the individual’s weight. A newborn, for example, will only produce small amounts of ash, since it is mostly cartilage with very little set bone.

Before cremation, the body will have to be prepared. Generally, a deceased person is cleaned and dressed, and any medical devices or prosthetics will be removed. A body may be cremated with jewelry, if the family desires. Jewelry may also be left on. The cremation process begins after the identification process is complete. No pain will be felt by the body during the process. The deceased person’s final resting place is a simple room.

Within a few minutes, the resomation process begins, where the body’s 75 percent water content is decomposed. It causes the body’s tissues to shrink and shrivel, and the skin’s surface will become waxy, discolored, or blistered. Bones will become calcified and may begin to flake or crumble. So, is cremation painful?

If you have questions about cremation, contact a funeral home. Most crematoria have trained staff members who can answer your questions. The cremation process can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the size of the deceased. In addition to the ashes, the cremation process can also be completely anonymous. Some families decide to have the body cremated surrounded by family members. And then the family gets to choose a urn or a cremation container.

Unlike burial, cremation is less expensive than a traditional funeral. However, cremation costs between $1,000 to $3,000 and $6,000. Additional costs can be incurred for traditional funerals, such as transfer services. Cremation can be expensive if you want a more traditional funeral service. There are funeral homes that aren’t comfortable keeping cremated remains in closets. And if you have a loved one who is in a hospice or a nursing home, you can consider cremation if you have the finances.