Different AC-Related Service Options

When Florida summers are at their worst, air conditioners can offer you several advantages. You’ll turn them up as high as you can once the temperature rises. Over time, even the most effective unit may experience a few problems that reduce the amount of cold air you experience.

When this happens, it is crucial to contact a qualified professional, like Air Mavericks: a heating and conditioning contractor in Tampa, FL, for relief. To ensure you don’t lounge around the home sweltering, they may do any of the following tasks on your air conditioner the same day you make a call.

New Refrigerant

An air conditioner has to be supplied with a coolant called a refrigerant in order to chill you off. This liquid evaporates when your appliance operates, transforming into the air that is blasted out. The refrigerant, which is typically manufactured by Freon, should last the lifespan of a system but may exhaust more quickly if there is a leak.

These leaks happen when your unit experiences normal wear and tear or if any corrosion starts to build on the lines where the refrigerant is housed. If you see any moisture pouring from the air conditioner, you can identify this issue. It is essential to contact Air Mavericks to fix or change the refrigerant liner and refill any lost coolant because Freon is a CFC, which can cause dizziness or sickness if handled improperly.

Care for Evaporator Coils

An air conditioner may reduce the level of humidity in your home in addition to keeping it cool. An evaporator coil, which utilizes the refrigerant as previously explained, absorbs heat and any water from the exterior while releasing cold air.

The coil will be one of the first candidates that your repairman looks at if you begin noticing that the air seems thick even when your unit is operating at total capacity. It’s possible that the coolant froze the coil, preventing cold air from escaping, but it’s also possible that it was caused by the leaks we previously highlighted. Air Mavericks will make sure your coil is dry and free of debris before doing any services on it.

Cleaning Out Ducts

The air quality in your house is also improved by air conditioning. Any impurities that are in the air when it blasts it out are likewise captured. The filtering system of the appliance captures these pollutants. Around time, though, the filters may get overly clogged and begin to let the dirt back into your home, creating dusty films all around.

It is frequently advised that you clean out your own air filters every two to three months, as it is a pretty safe activity. Some filters on appliances can be cleaned with a little vacuum or cloth, while others might need to be changed entirely. Then, using one of their highly sophisticated instruments, your expert may carry out a more comprehensive cleaning during a regular maintenance examination.

Plan for Routine Maintenance

You have to have the cooling system inspected every year before it is used in order for it to operate at its best capacity. You’ll be less likely to experience ongoing breakdowns throughout the summer if you do this. You’ll discover that other locals trusted Air Mavericks while looking up the top contractors in the Tampa Bay region.

Your total pleasure is one of their main priorities as a business, and they won’t stop working on any air conditioning needs until they are confident that they can fulfill this aim. Their professionals have received more advanced training to ensure your air conditioner satisfies all essential standards.

They are honest with price and customer service and will inform you when it’s time to think about putting in a replacement unit. By providing energy-efficient equipment from a reputable manufacturer like Goodman or LG, they can assist you with this service.

Is your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of the night? They are accessible around the clock to ensure that you and your family members feel safe and comfortable, so there is no need to hold off until the following day to get in touch with them. There’s a good reason why their clients give them such high marks.

In order to work properly, air conditioners have a lot of internal parts. As a result, there are several reasons why your gadget might cease functioning properly. In only one session, experts like Air Mavericks will be able to resolve the issue. When you can’t seem to escape the heat, be sure to call them.