8 Tips for Keeping Your Yard Organized

Owning a home means you take care of every living area. And what place has more life than your garden, full of plants, animals and insects? Tidying up, organizing and keeping things under control leads to impressive results. Our backyards can sometimes spiral out of control, and various items can stack up, leading to their deterioration. Keeping them under tight control allows you to enjoy your backyard.

1. Declutter the greens

Letting your plants spiral upwards and out of control can clog and obstruct your garden and yard. Regular pruning, de-weeding, tree removal and upkeep, coupled with decluttering your backyard, will open up the place and let it breathe.

2. Clean tools

So, you’ve just finished your home remodeling project and are admiring your view. Usually, all the tools used lie around, or they get grouped up in a pile. The first thing you have to do is clean all of your tools. The first reason is to keep them lasting until the next time, and the second reason is the appeal. Clean tools are nicer to look at when they are in the shed.

3. Store off-season items

Speaking of decluttering and storing items there are garden utilities, hoses, and furniture not used throughout the year. A long hose lying around is a tripping hazard, which prevents grass growth and is not appealing because it breaks the scenery. By installing a good and efficient wall-mounted garden hose reel, you can include the hose in your decor and prepare it for your next use. Wheelbarrows can be tilted upwards against the wall; pots are easy to store away when winter comes.

4. Make outdoor art

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When you have a garden, you create art in it. Art can be made with anything you imagine, that’s the beauty of it. You can paint your walls and shed with patterns or draw a picture if you’re particularly artsy. You can mould trees, hedges and plants into intricate shapes, or play with colours when planting them.

5. Shine anew with new lighting

All that hard work and investments can pay off when you shine a new light on your achievements. Taking a step back and examining your backyard under a new light will let you see and try out new options. A subtly lit backyard or a brightly illuminated one are miles ahead of a gloomy and dark place. People love lit areas because they inspire safety, calm and are inviting. Your backyard can look stylish and modern with eco lighting, solar LCD garden lights, poles, subtle strung lights over the wall, and other options. Whether you want a full-light show or a more romantic atmosphere, lighting will add a new dimension to your garden.

6. Pave the Way

Organization means dividing areas into manageable sizes. A big garden is much harder to organise and keep tidy than the same one, but broken into parts. A Safeway can be straight or meander thru your backyard, dividing it into pieces, where each area can be a dedicated spot for an activity. Designing a dream home means you allocate each room for an activity. Now change the room to space and home to the yard, and you’re in the right mindset.

7. Mulching Beds

Weeds, gardening, pruning and maintaining the lawn are easy, but the trick is to do it around and beneath your plants. Those tiny areas add up and ruin the overall look if left neglected. But mulch beds cover the excess space beneath plants and keep them weed free, allowing your plants to rise and shine undisturbed.

8. Host a yard sale

Lastly, all those items you’ve taken out, or wish to throw out, can still be used. Make a yard sale and sell them for any amount. That way, you’re helping your home budget, the neighbourhood and the environment while keeping your yard clean.

Yards can be as big as our homes. They are our connection with nature and a place where we can relax, make a BBQ, invite friends and spend the day. As with any living space, we wish for it to be pristine, tidy and inviting. With a little effort, care and maintenance, you’ll establish a routine and a yard of which you can be proud!