5 Repair Techniques To Save Your Home’s Area Rugs!

A lot of people will place their area rugs in high-traffic areas of their homes, and this inevitably leads to a lot of wear and tear over long periods of time. Although your rug will certainly be able to withstand certain issues, tears and stains are the types of problems that a lot of people unfortunately give up on even when their rug was very expensive!

The good news is that there are many professional rug care companies out there that can help you take care of your home’s Rugs, and we’ve teamed up with the specialists at Rug Source to help you better understand a few rug repair techniques that do wonders for countless rug owners everywhere.

So here are the top 5 rug repair techniques that can help you fix issues and restore your home’s area rugs back to normal again!

  1. Pile Shearing

One common rug repair technique that is very important in some scenarios is called pile shearing, and this process entails a specialist removing a small layer of an area rug’s pile. The pile of a rug is the raised surface, which is made of several loops of rug materials like fabric, cloth or yarn.

Pile shearing is beneficial when a rug is experiencing discoloration that needs to be removed, and professional will be capable of bringing in new colors to a rug that’s been discolored by all sorts of different spills and sun spots. So pile shearing goes a very long way to provide an area rug with a new, fresh appearance!

  1. Abrash Redying

This is most likely a new term for you if you’re not familiar with rug restorations, and Abrash is solely associated with Oriental and Persian area rugs and it refers to the different colors found within a rug.

These types of rugs are usually very expensive, which is why many rug owners will prefer that their rug maintains its overall newness for as long as possible. Many people who own high-quality Persian rugs will get this type of repair work done on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

  1. Fringe Repairs and Replacements

A lot of high-quality area rugs have fringes, and many rug owners have experienced the scenario in which their rug’s fringe has become stuck or torn in tiny little places. When this type of situation occurs, it can end up leaving your rug looking frayed and not so great, which is exactly why rug restoration and repairs are very important to ensure that the fringe weaving is fully functional and not deteriorating.

  1. Moth Damage Repair

Many Oriental and Persian area rugs will become subjected to all sorts of damage associated with moths and dampness within a home. Moths are terrible for area rugs because they eat away at the rug’s integrity and fibers, which can end up doing a lot of harm over long periods of time.

This is why it’s so important to stop the overall manifestation of moths within your home as quickly as possible and have your rug effectively restored. This repair/restoration technique goes a very long way to stop moth damage in its tracks and fully restore the area rug to its original state.

  1. Water Damage

Water damage can wreck havoc on a rug’s overall integrity in terms of its feel, and a lot of times water damage will make an area rug appear dirty. This technique is very important for a lot of rug owners, and the good news is that it tends to be a pretty easy fix!

Reach Out To Industry Specialists To Learn More About Repairing And Restoring Your Home’s Rugs!

When your rugs become damaged, it’s important to do something about it as quickly as you can. There are many different types of rug damages out there, and these types of repairs are never a DIY project.

You should always put your rug repairs in the hands of experienced experts, and you can learn more about rug repairs and restorations by speaking directly with the industry experts at Rug Source via the link at the top of the article!