11 Smart Ways to Improve Workplace Hygiene and Employee Health

Many people spend their working hours in the office. You must keep the workplace clean and boost your company’s productivity and growth.

Moreover, employees who work in a clean and tidy workplace are less likely to get sick. Also, if they work in ideal conditions with excellent workplace hygiene, they’re more likely to be efficient at their jobs.

In this post, we’ll talk about the six smart ways to improve workplace hygiene and employee health:

1. Strictly Implement a Hygiene Policy

One of the first things you need to do to enhance workplace hygiene and employee health is to provide your employees with a written hygiene policy. Doing so keeps them informed about your expectations of having a clean office.

2. Set Up a Garbage Disposal System

Every workplace out there should have a garbage disposal system.  Nothing will seem more unprofessional than the sight of garbage.

Work with a professional company that includes emptying these bins. Ideally, their services should include emptying bin liners and cleaning the bin’s insides to eliminate any foul odors.

3. Decluttering Work Desks Regularly

Office desks and workstations are one of the places where a lot of your employees spend the majority of their time working.

Moreover, the entire workplace will look like a big mess if it’s uncluttered and untidy. One way to keep everyone’s work area clean and mess-free is to place gel dispensers and trash bins in critical areas where everyone can quickly access.

4. Make Sure All Utensils are Clean

If the workplace offers an area for tea, coffee, or a snack room, ensure that everyone washes and cleans all the cups, dishes, and utensils after use.

This is because food particles can also be a breeding ground for germs. Thus, utensils should be washed thoroughly with warm, soapy water. It should also be rinsed and dried after.

Moreover, the snack area should also be wiped clean after use. Similarly, towels should also be hung dry.

5. Set Eating and Smoking Zones

Food particles can be a breeding ground for germs. Thus, ensure that your employees only eat in designated areas, not on their actual workstations.

In the same way, there should also be a separate smoking zone so that the hygienic environment in the office is maintained. Similarly, your employees should also have access to clean drinking water.

6. Keep Air Fresheners Nearby

One of the best ways to keep your office space smelling fresh is to keep air fresheners nearby. Ensure you don’t overdo them, as the smell can overwhelm many people.

7. Add Plants

It’s also essential that you develop a space where employees aren’t only safe but are in a healthy environment.

Adding several plants in the workplace will give off more oxygen. It also purifies the air in the room. Employees will feel stressed about coming to work in the presence of greenery as it’s aesthetically pleasing. It also creates a calmer atmosphere overall.

8. Place Enough Hand Sanitizer

In most offices, hand sanitizer is only found in bathrooms or sometimes in the dining area. However, with COVID-19 still there, this isn’t an option anymore.

You should provide your office with hand sanitizers on their working stations, workplace entrances, dining areas, and comfort rooms.

9. Educate Employees

Sometimes, you’ll have to remind employees to shower before work and wash their hands before coming to the office.

In the same way, you should also educate them to battle the virus and stay safe at all times. Make sure that you set up strict ground rules for workplace hygiene. This should be something that every person stepping into the office needs to follow.

10. Give Employees Sick Days

There will be times wherein employees feel sick. Giving employees sick days to recuperate prevents unnecessary germs from spreading in the office, causing other people to get ill.

It’s also a lot smarter on your part to let a sick person rest for a few days than to have the entire workplace contaminated.

11. Schedule Regular Office Cleaning

Aside from your employees’ efforts to keep the workplace clean, it should also be cleaned on a regular basis by cleaning professionals.

At Maid Sailors, (Hoboken cleaning service,) we always tell our clients that if professionals consistently clean their workplace, they don’t need to spend much money for deep cleaning later.It’s also worth noting that deep cleaning an office will take a couple of days, depending on its severity, and sometimes one may not have enough time for that.

Final Thoughts

One of your best interests should ensure that your employees are in a healthy and safe place. There’s nothing more crucial than keeping a clean, tidy workplace. So, make sure to keep these tips in mind. It’s better to be conscious of these things than not to be careful.